Migrating from RM4.X to RM5

pozarratpozarrat Member Posts: 4 Contributor I
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I have a ton of RM processes from couple years ago created in RM 4.X version. Is there a way to load them in RM5.0 or does RM5.0 processes have a different schema that requires starting from scratch to build the same/similar processes?


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    SebastianLohSebastianLoh Member Posts: 99 Contributor II
    Hi pozarrat,

    you can import old RM 4.X processes via File->Import Process. We tried our best to keep RM 5.0 compatible to old processes. However, you need to validate your imported processes and check if they work well.

    If you miss the Tree View of RM 4.6, then you can find the old view in the View->Show View->Tree View menu.

    We wish you fun with RM 5.0!

    Ciao Sebastian
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