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Hey there,

I just wanted to start the Outlier (COF)-Analysis but the programme always tells that the analysis is not possible because "The input example set does not have any label attributes". Unfortunately I have no idea what this means, neither do I know how to name/ design label attributes.

Btw, does anyone know how if the programm also detects outliers that are no numbers, but words?



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    Hi there, and welcome!

    If only to save yourself time, work through the tutorial ( under 'help' on the main menu ), and also try the videos on the RM website. You will appreciate that there is a jargon for datamining, and that until you understand the basic terms you probably would not understand our answers to your questions.

    Also for beginners this forum contains many re-asked questions, so if you are having a particular problem bear in mind that you are probably not the first, and hit the search button!

    Happy mining  :D

    PS. Don't want to sound like the thought police, but this should probably be under RapidMiner
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