installing rapidminer on macs

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I have no programming experience, and am having trouble installing rapidminer on my mac. 

I started by downloading RapidMiner for 'other systems.'  I have Java installed and tried running these scripts listed in the 'install directions:' scripts / rapidminer and scripts / RapidMinerGUI.  But when I press 'run' under scripts, my computer says 'The variable rapidminer is not defined.'  Do you know what I am doing wrong?  Thanks!


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    poppop Member Posts: 21 Maven
    Hi mruck,

    Just go to rapidminer/lib, you will find rapidminer.jar file.
    double click this file it will launch the Rapidminer GUI.

    You can creat a rapidminer.app file (that is the standard mac applications file) with the application "Jar Bundler"
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