"Cannot get accuracy, sensitivity, specificity in SVM"

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Dear all,
I have tried to do an SVM on of my datasets with cross validation, but when I click on the run button, I only get the parameters of "root mean squared error" and "squared error". I do not see other parameters such as accuracy, AUC etc in the Performance window.

Has that anything to do with my dataset? (I am using a classification of whether a person suffers from a side effect or not, based on some lab values). How do I set the parameters which I want to see in rapidminer?

I would also like to ask how rapidminer interprets missing values? I see an error that SVM cannot be carried out because of missing values, in which case, i entered an arbitrary value of "999" to indicate missing values in the cells. Is that alright?

Thanks for helping.


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    Hi kevylyap,
    In order to get the AUC you have to use the operator "Performance (Binomial Classification)" and then check it in the list.

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