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I am trying to use operators "crawl web" and "extract content".  Crawl web outputs "exa" while extract input is "doc".  I put operator "Data to Document" between them, because it takes "exa" as input and outputs "doc".  However, I get this error when it reaches "extract content", Message: com.rapidminer.operator.IOObjectCollection cannot be cast to com.rapidminer.operator.text.Document.

How can you use operators "crawl web" and "extract content" together?


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    Hi outer_space,

    "Extract Content" can handle only one document, "Data to Documents" generates a collection of documents (one document for each example in your ExampleSet). You could use "Process Documents from Data" instead of the "Data to Documents" converter and put the "Extract Content" inside it.

    But you should take a look at the "Generate Extract" operator, this allows similar extraction on ExampleSets and should fit your needs.


    PS. I guess the "Problems and Support" board within the RapidMiner forum would have been a better place to post this.
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