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File source as input for custom operator in Rapidminer

kamal_pradhankamal_pradhan Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
edited November 2018 in Help

i am trying to build a custom operator using the extension template available in github. i want my operator take file as an input and give example set as output. i am also using read document operator for getting the file input and using the output as an input for my operator. i have used the following code to achieve 

        FileObject fileSet = exampleSetInput.getData(FileObject.class);

but  i get the following error when i run the operator


SEVERE: Process failed: Wrong input of type 'Document' at port 'example set'. Expected type 'File'. 

can anybody help on how to use file source in input port of the operator ?




Best Answer

  • landland Posts: 2,527   Unicorn
    Solution Accepted


    the problem is not in your code but in the way how you connect operators:

    If you use Read Document, you will create an Object of type Document, while your operator expects a FileObject. This you can produce with a Open File operator...




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