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Restoring the PostgreSQL driver

rachel_lomaskyrachel_lomasky Member Posts: 52  Guru
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I was messing around with the PostgreSQL drivers on my machine for another program, and I think I broke the RM Postgres driver.  


PostgreSQLWhen I try to make a new PostgreSQL connection, I get "No suitable driver found for jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432.


And for existing processes, RapidMiner is not even trying to connect to the database.  I have no problem connecting to it from other tools, but when I try processes that used to work in RM, I instantly get "Database error occurred: The connection attempt failed."  Same thing when I try to do "Manage Database Connections."  I comes up right away, not even trying to connect to anything.


I'm on a Mac, RapidMiner version 7.5.3. 


How can I fix this?  





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  • rachel_lomaskyrachel_lomasky Member Posts: 52  Guru
    Solution Accepted

    RapidMiner really, really doesn't like 



  • rachel_lomaskyrachel_lomasky Member Posts: 52  Guru

    I also tried renaming my ~/.RapidMiner directory and installing again, but no luck.

  • Thomas_OttThomas_Ott RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 1,760   Unicorn

    jre6? Is that the old Java 6 version of Postgres? RapidMiner runs on java 8 now, so it's likely there could be some conflicts there. 

  • rachel_lomaskyrachel_lomasky Member Posts: 52  Guru

    Yeah, I had it in my classpath for something else.  When I removed it, everything started working again.

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