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When I use rss feed miner, the example sets have attributes that appear in a dropdown box when I load "select attributes" operator.  When I use web crawler, it outputs into a table with fields link and page.  However, when I try to use "select attributes" there is nothing in the dropdown box, it does not let me select Page when I manually type it in.

How do you access the link and page parts of web crawler example sets?  I need to convert the page part to a document so I can convert html to text, how do you do this?


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    it seems those standard attributes from some operators are not available as meta data during process creation, so you have to check the relevant attribute names (case-sensitive!) before and type them manually. This should work fine with a "Crawl Web" operator and "Select Attributes" (attribute filter type: single, attribute: Page). If both operators are connected properly I don't know a reason why this should not work.

    But perhaps you consider to abandon the plan of conversion into document if you read the response to your topic regarding the conversion.
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