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Replace numeric base on condition from other columns



I have created a few macro as below:

  1. c_senior (value: 220)
  2. c_assistant (value: 150)


May someone kindly advise how can I replace the value in a column (eg. Rate) based on the condition from other columns?

Example: I would need to change the Rate column value from 200 to 220 if 

  • Column "badge_id" start with "E" and
  • Column "rank" is "senior"
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RM Certified Expert

Re: Replace numeric base on condition from other columns

The "Generate Attrbute" operator should be able to do the trick, since it supports boolean logic and compound statements, although if required information is contained in an attribute (column) name, then you first need to extract it and make it an attribute value that can be referenced. 


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