Precision Recall Curves and auPRC

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Close to a necesity for evaluation of imbalanced binary classification problems.

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This paper is interesting and covers the topic well : AUPRC

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Dear @SvenVanPoucke, Dear @yzan,


i've got a prototype opertor ready. It will hit operator toolbox as soon as i got time to write the documentation. if you need a preview version of it, please PM me.




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Hi @SvenVanPoucke, Hi @yzan,


Just for completness. The Operator Toolbox extension covers now since version 0.4.0 (Blog Post about 0.4.0 release) the AUPRC.


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Status: Released

Operator Toolbox Extension

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It's great that we have the AUPRC value generated through the Operator Toolbox Extension. What would be much more useful is the Precision-Recall curves for a classifier (for any given threshold or cutoff value), especially when the dataset has a significant skew for the class labels. See the linked description about this, borrowed from the "Introduction to Data Mining" (2nd edition) by Tan et al. The intent is show the resultant PR-curve: PR-curve link (part 1)PR-curve link (part 2)

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thanks @amitdeokar. It is my sneaking suspicion that this is being worked on as an improvement to the operator. Stay tuned.... cc @mschmitz