Split date_time

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Split date_time

Good evening community!


Ive got a dataset whith the column date which has the format: date_time like Jan 30, 2017 12:01:31 AM CET.

Id like to extract only the date and put it into the format: "dd.mm.yyyy". Therefore, i used generate attribute with funcion date_str_custom(date, "dd.mm.yyyy").

It seems that it works like it should, but rapidminer changes Jan 30, 2017 into 30.02.2017. Any idea?


Thank you in advance!


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Re: Split date_time

I am not sure about the problem you are reporting.  Perhaps you want to post a data sample and a process file for troubleshooting?

In the meantime, the following function (used in Generate Attributes) should actually give you the date format you want:


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Re: Split date_time

I think it might simply be lack of capitals.  mm in this string represents minutes. 


Try dd.MM.yyyy

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Re: Split date_time

Yes, you need to do MM in capital letters.