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I've managed to get the R script working and displaying data frame numeric output in the Results section. My question is, it is possible to view R text output, such as regression results, or do I need to run a RapidMiner regression process in order to see the underlying estimated regression? Specifically, if I use the R lm command to generate the regression equation and then the summary(dependent variable) command, where does the summary output go? Thanks.


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    i never used the R extension myself. But it should be visible in the Log window. I would highly recommend to use the new R scripting extension.

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    I've tried this, but the R output does not appear in the Log view window. Basically, I'm looking to capture the output from the R script somewhere in RapidMiner. If anyone uses R perhaps they could let me know how. Thanks
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    You have to explicitly use a print() command in your R script to print  the summary to the Log window in RapidMiner.
    If you want to capture and store your results, you have to take the single values of the summary (which is a list type in R) and extract and store them in a data table. If you do so, you could return them as an example set to RapidMiner.

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    Thanks for that, makes sense. I tried Print(summary(model name)) and got the message File Memory buffered filer in the Results window and no output in the Log view window. I'll play around a little.
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    the old "R Extension" has been discontinued. If you are running Studio 6.4, you can use the all new "R Scripting" extension. All replies here refer to this new extension.

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    Yes, I drag the Execute R operator into the process window and then write the script in the Edit Parameter Text:script. Will play around some more.
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    Problem now solved. Some careless script coding on my part and now using the print() function, not Print(), to direct output to the console.

    As an aside: 1) is it possible to obtain the Log output without dates and times and 2) increase the size of the font? Thanks.
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    A couple of questions:

    The R Edit Parameter Text: script editor is rather basic, is it possibler to replace it with an alternative/link to an alternative, for example, Notepad++?

    Also, I take it that any variables generated in the R script are not available to access directly by Rapidminer, as they are no longer generated by the interactive console, as was the case previously? I guess my question is, how do I get variables from the R script into Rapidminer? Thanks.
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    To be spefici, the write.csv(data frame,file="file name) instruction in R does does not seem to work - need to use the RapiMiner icon to achieve this. Does anyie else have this iussue?
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