Is there a way to run a RapidMiner process from the Command Line on a Mac?

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I'm new to RapidMiner and I was just wondering it theere is a way to run a RapidMiner Process from the Command Line on a Mac. 

I've tried "

./script/rapidminer  //PresentingProcess/Processes/AutomatedProcessDecider



I get the error "

./script/rapidminer: No such file or directory


Where the second argument is the path to the process (which I copied straight from RapidMiner so should be the correct path). if this is the correct command to run does anyone know where the command should be run from (which Repository)?
Sorry if anything in this question doesn't make sense I'm still new to all of this.



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    From the top of my head: If you want to do this you need to use the .sh file and need to use i think -f on the rmp file.


    e.g. -f /home/user/martin/myprocess.rmp




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    Sorry, I still can't get it working. So I've tried running your suggest command in both the RapidMiner repository and the process I want to run's repository. I still get the same "command not found" error. I have also tried following this guide but i get the same command not found error.

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    hello @pm632 - welcome to the community.  That's a good question but not really the way RapidMiner Studio is designed to be used.  Although @mschmitz 's suggestion is a clever one, I would propose creating a webservice on RM Server that runs this process, and then calling the webservice from the command line (using cURL for example).





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    Martin's answer is mostly correct, but not quite.


    The correct command is either


    sh ./programs/rapidminer-studio/scripts/ ​"//$repository_name/$process_name"

    ​  where $repository_name is most often "Local Repository"



    sh ./programs/rapidminer-studio/scripts/ ​ -f "/home/demo.rmp"

    when you want to point to a stored RapidMiner process in your file system. 

    In both cases remember to unescape blanks with "\ " .


    You can even set macro values via the command line. Therefore the Macro has to be defined in the Process Context view  and you can set it with the parameter -M$macro_name=$value in this case without blanks.


    I agree with @sgenzer that for a more sophisticated set-up RapidMiner Server is the much better choice, for a low level implementation, a command line execution is fine, e.g., when logging in via ssh.



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