can Rapidminer use GPU for student license?

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Given that the corresponding CUDA version is installed and working and tested in KERAS within Anaconda, will Rapidminer use GPU for student license? Is there a version of CUDA that must be used? I'm using RapidMiner 9.1 Educational Edition. 

The Error message is:

"There was an error while switching to the GPU backend."
followed by:
"Error while switching to GPU backend. Either CUDA 9.0 is not installed or you have a free license. Check the log for more information."

I'm new to setting up KERAS for Deep Learning in RapidMiner.


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    Hi Varun,

    Thank you for at least letting me know that is will work with CUDA 9. So I did not mention that I am using RTX I believe. For the new cards that can utilise Tennsor units, it can use CUDA 9 (Volta and Tensor core support). The graphics driver version that supports it, however, is installing CUDA 10. There were ways to install only the cuda 9 toolkit and some users have done that. Installing the Tensorflow and Keras in Anaconda was successful and automatically install the CUDA 9.0 toolkit and I was able to run the samples from Keras. Still I think that was a problem when using it with Rapidminer. Currently the updates may may broken the version compatability....

    Before RapidMiner ask for CUDA 9.0, it asked for CUDA 9.1, Does that mean something?



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    I have to dig out this old thread again.
    Using an older CUDA version with an updated driver should also work? I'm having trouble to switch to GPU with a GTX 970, driver 430.00 which comes with CUDA driver 10.1.120.
    The CUDA 9 installer comes with driver 385.xx. I have all CUDA 9 updates installed also, except update 1 which doesn't install at all.
    Same as the OP I'm on an Educational License as well.
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    Hi @brandjoe

    CUDA 9.0 works. You can see my cuda version below. My driver is 417.35. NVIDIA says anything above 384.81 should work with 9.0. 1080Ti


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    I installed NVIDIA CUDA 10.1, but when going to Rapidminer Studio-Settings Preferences-General-Deep Learning Back End I set it GPU but it says I need CUDA 9.0 environment. Is 10.1 no backwards compatible with CUDA 9.0? I am running a Nvidia 2080 RTX Max-Q. Thank you.
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    Hello @mortiz

    Nope, you should uninstall and install the 9.0 version of CUDA. But from what I heard CUDA 9.0 is not compatible with RTX 2080.

    So, I guess it might not be possible, but give 9.0 a try on RTX.


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