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I am a novice in using the RapidMiner. My question is "How can I see the classification results of new instances after creating a classifier using a traning dataset?". Many thanks in advance.



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    Let's go step by step:

    - Retrieve your training data. Let's say Titanic Training from the samples dataset on the Repository pane.
    - Drag the algorithm you want to train. Let's say Random Forest from the Modeling > Predictive > Trees folder in the Operators pane.
    - Connect the out port of your Titanic Training data to the tra port on the Random Forest operator.
    - Drag the Apply Model algorithm from the Scoring folder in the operators pane.
    - Connect the mod port on the Random Forest operator to the mod port of the Apply Model operator you just dragged.
    - Retrieve your unlabeled data. Let's say Titanic Unlabeled from the samples dataset on the Repository pane.
    - Connect the out port from the Titanic Unlabeled data to the unl port in the Apply Model operator.
    - Connect both ports from the Apply Model operator to the res ports in the end of your canvas.

    If you do this, you may be able to see this:

    If you press play, the Apply Model will just send results to the Results tab. What you will see is a model (or a representation of it), and the results of your new instances after creating a classifier using a training dataset. Just like this:

    The prediction is your target. Tweak a few times and come back to execute. This is your window.

    BTW, RapidMiner Academy has all this knowledge available. You may want to check it out.

    All the best,

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