How to add value to an attribute with a logical condition up to a percentage of the ExampleSet

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Dear friends,I need to add a new attribute that should have two distinct values "open" and "closed" depending on two conditionals. First the value of another nominal attribute will be analyzed. Second it must obey a percentage established for "closed". Example: If the attribute has the value "industry" and the total of examples is not greater than 86% the value will be "closed" else "open". How can I implement these conditions in Rapidminer? I analyzed the "Generate Attributes" operator but I do not think it's the way.


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    Is the percentage based on the count of the distinct values compared to the total number of examples?  Assuming so, you probably first want to use Aggregate to generate a table of those percentages.  Then you can use Join to bring in that percentage as a new attribute, at which point you can use Generate Attributes with some compound logic in an If statement.  
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