Splitting time and date

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Hi experts,
I wanted to split the date and time and put them into the separate columns. My date format is like "Tue Oct 14 21:59:59 CDT 2014". 
Does anyone have any idea how can I do it?


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    There are a lot of options here.  One easy one is to copy the combined date/time attribute with Generate Copy, and then change it to nominal with Date to Nominal, and then change it back using Nominal to Date---and you can use that to set one version "Date" and the other version "Time" and it will display only the relevant parts.
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    Mind to be a little bit more specific please? I'm new to Rapidminer and don't really get your explanation. If I do it like that, what I'm able to do is basically separate both Date and time and get only one of them.. What if I just want to strip the month as a new feature? What would be the process? (checking options in parallel while asking here to optimize time)
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