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Rapidminer is a very fascinating tools,
However,regrettable, the popolarity is not high in China. I seldom see it is used in some data competition or academicpaper.
I'm a newbie want to learn from data competition.
The quesiton I want to know is wheter rapidminer is a good tool for data competition like Kaggle  and academic goals.

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    varunm1varunm1 Moderator, Member Posts: 1,207 Unicorn
    Hello @SpyderMan

    I am tempted to respond to this post just based on your name  ;) as Docmusher covered many concepts here. 

    Rapidminer is emerging and its emerging quickly in data science markets. As an individual from Academia, I can say that it has a huge potential with some great people developing it on a daily basis. 

    The biggest advantage with RM is it helps to learn concepts quickly, when I started datascience its really challenging for me to code and my major focus is on understanding coding (i am not from CS)  rather than concepts, I just followed some python codes online and developed models and sometimes I dont know what is the exact use of some modules. But when I started using RM my focus is more on concepts how can I make a better feature selection, build better models and understand my predictions. This helped me to learn quickly. One more thing is building models is fast in rapidminer, i can build a model in seconds which sometimes take hours in python to code and debug. I still use python mostly using scripting operator in RM and anaconda.

    I also had multiple publications with it and working on several others. I didn''t have a chance to work with kaggle data as we collect huge amounts of data for our research. I think you can use for challenges unless they have any requirement.

    Finally, this is the best community where you get answers and insights for your questions in no time and you can improve your knowledge a lot. Also, the videos on rapidminer academy are crisp and easy to understand.

    They also have the best educational license.

    Hope this helps.


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