Deep learning Extension (DL4J): Bug Report

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The deep learning extension in rapidminer cannot predict label when a single sample is provided as a test file, it looks like the apply model in case of Deep learning extension needs a minimum of 2 samples. This looks like a bug.

I attached the .rmp file for process that throws a bug in this post. Below are the images related to this issue I cross-checked with @lionelderkrikor. It is evident that keras in python is able to predict on a single sample based on below images. @lionelderkrikor also tried the keras extension in rapidminer and observed that it cannot make a prediction on a single sample as well as shown below.

DL4J extension bug:

Keras Extension in Rapidminer @lionelderkrikor produced output.

Keras Extension in python by @lionelderkrikor :

Thanks for looking into this. @ssv112 here is the issue we faced when we worked on your question.

@pschlunder can you please look into this.


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Engineering believes this is fixed with version 0.9.3 of the Deep Learning extension. Please start a new discussion if there are more problems. DLE-63


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    thanks for pointing this out! This should not be the case. I'll look into it.
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