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When I want to import my data to RM at first I see RM understand duplicate columns so I can not import it to RM. It would be nice if I can import it to the RM then can delete duplicate columns. Also it would be nice if we could do association mining rule with Auto model.



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    to handle duplicate column names during import you can do the following:

    • Don't define a header column (depending on the actual method, there is a checkbox for that in the wizard)
    • Then delete the duplicate column (for example with Select Attributes operator)
    • Use the Rename by Example Values operator to select the first row (which contains the original header names) to get back the original names
    • Afterwards you probably need to use Parse Numbers and Nominal to Date to get the correct value types for all attributes

    Even simpler is the option to rename the duplicate columns by hand while importing, but that's only feasible with a few duplicate names.

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    sara20sara20 Member Posts: 110 Unicorn

    Thank you very much 

    This is big data and it is not possible to do any changes with hand. But other points are very useful

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