Using Enrich Data by Webservices to translate rows to en with POST request but get 411 error

sarah19sarah19 Member Posts: 2 Newbie
Hello everyone, 
I am doing an assignment, I have an exampleset, and almost all rows is english just few rows in Spanish. 
I to use Google Cloud Translation API to translate these Spanish row using "Enrich Data by Webservices" with POST method.
The error message is "411: POST request require a Content-length", 
I checked all parameters and haven't found anywhere wrong to edit. 
When enter the link in the browser it would nice, but in Rapidminer it error.
Attach some photo in my process, hopefully someone can help me after 24 hours frustrated. 
Thank you. 

- Parameter of Enrich Data by Webservices:

I already add content-length 


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