How to view the output generated from the RM.

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I am new to RapidMiner and now exploring the tool.I have some queries regarding the output or result which gets generated from the RM(RapidMiner). I am using the latest version of RM ie 5.

I wanted to know what all types of result can be generated,since i have only view the result in graph form.Is there any other way i can generate the result liike report.Can i view the result on webpage rather than viewing it on the result perspective of the RM.Since there might be a situation where we haven't installed the product but want to  view the resul. Like I am analyzing the data and creating the report or graph using the RM,but the client doesn't have the software to view the result.So there any way through which he can view the result.

This is the one of the main doubt from our clients.

I would also like to know that how can we use the saved result or log information which we can save during the running stage of the process.Since when i try to open the file ie log or result using open dialog box it gives me an error.So i wanted to know what is the use of the saved result?

Any idea or suggestions are welcome..
Thanks in advance.



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    you can use either the Reporting Extension for putting Results into a simple HTML or PDF format, or you can deploy your processes with RapidAnalytics which will enable you in the enterprise Edition to design complex and interactive reports using a Web 2.0 interface. In RapidAnalytics you can also trigger processes and retrieve their results via webservice to include them in any other program you want. Of course these programs will need to be AGPL3 or you have to ask for an enterprise edition.

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    thanks for the quick reply.
    As you had mentioned how we can retrieve the data using webservice, i am interested to know how can we import the data using webservice.
    I had posted a seperate forum for this issue,but i haven't received any reply till now.
    Since you had mentioned "Webservice" so i thought it would be nice to ask this in this thread.
    You may read the forum by clicking on the below link.

    Please let me know how data can be imported.

    Whatever you had mentioned in the post i will try it and let you know if i have any problem..

    Thanks in advance..
    Any idea or suggestions are welcome.
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