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Dear RM friends,

If the RM community agrees to increase the link between image processing and data mining, it would be a huge progress if a rather underestimated tool which can be downloaded on could be integrated in RM as plugin.

MaZda is a computer program for calculation of texture parameters (features) in digitized images. It has been under development since 1998, to satisfy the needs of the participants of COST B11 European project "Quantitative Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Image Texture" (1998-2002). Currently, its development continues in the framework of COST B11 European project "Physiological modelling of MR Image formation". MaZda package apart from MaZda software contains B11 program for texture analysis and visualization.
The program code has been written in C++ and Delphi©. It has been compiled for PC computers that use MS Windows® 9x/NT/2000/XP operating systems.

If you have published any results obtained with the use of MaZda software, please cite the following paper(s):

P. Szczypinski, M. Strzelecki, A Materka, A. Klepaczko, MaZda-A software package for image texture analysis, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 94(1), 2009, pp 66-76

P. Szczypinski, M. Strzelecki, A. Materka, MaZda - a Software for Texture Analysis, Proc. of ISITC 2007, November 23-23, 2007, Republic of Korea, pp. 245-249

I used this application several times and the ability of using ROI's in images to study textures is quite good. This is also a point I am missing in RM at the moment because the ROI related operators are not finished. I don't know if a the software used by this group uses code which is open for translation to Java.

I hope the software specialists from this forum could join pure scientists in this topic. Moreover, the special interest group image mining is open. Please can the link be integrated on the RM website.


Dr. Sven Van Poucke


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    Hello Sven,

    unfortunately the licence terms are not very friendly for integration with RapidMiner:
    4. The Licensee may not: a) make any changes or modifications to the Software, b) disassemble, decompile or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the Software, c) rent or lease the Software.
    However, thank you for the tip. The methods used there are published in several research papers and we can get inspiration for including new features.

    Dr. Radim Burget
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