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I have a process (i. e. a service) that generates turnover totals for every Article and Month.

Would it be possible that the resulting chart contains a filter button where the user can choose one (or even several) articles, and then the chart would only show those articles? I believe this is somehow related to Macros, but I didn't figure out so far how to use those...

Additionaly I'd also like to show a "bar stack", where every stack would show the different articles in one month, adding up to the total monthly sales. I chose diagram type "bar_stack", but I couldn't figure out where to indicate that the dimensio  "Articles" should be stacked.

Thank you for any input!


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    DOn't know about bar stack...

    One can do Filtering with "Filter Examplset" operator.  It takes an exampleset.  E.g. Plop it down in Rapidminer right after your Read Database or Read CSV operator.

    Select condition class = Attribute Value Filter.

    For multiple filters on one operator i like to do something like the following statement
    article%{articleop}%{article}&&month%{monthop}%{month} ....

    #1) Goto the macros (defined in context panel of rapidminer. 
    #2) Set articleop and monthop to !=
    #3) Set article and month to null
    #4) Your filter should then allow everything through.  This can be reduplicated on a rapidanalytics service if desired.
    #5) To filter for a specific article or month change article or month to specific values and change the op to "="

    Best Regards,
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    MacPhotoBikerMacPhotoBiker Member Posts: 60 Contributor II
    Hi lewis,
    thanks a lot for your answer.

    Basically, this is what I am doing currently, i. e. for four different articles, I defined four different processes (and services), and create four different charts. I was hoping there would be a way to somehow create a "filter button" directly on the the chart.

    Let's say one chart contains monthly sales, and the stacked bar for each month shows sales for each of the four articles. My intention/ hope was to find a way to allow the users directly in this chart to filter for any article they'd like to.

    An analogy might be a Pivot table with a "filter" field, where you can select any particular article (or whatever the filter attribute might be).
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    lewislewis Member Posts: 5 Contributor II
    i don't think you can create buttons directly on a chart or table.  Sorry! 

    I create html combo for my filters that change the arguments (macros) to the web-server.  I might suggest doing the same.


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