How to get interface descriptions of web services?

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I'm accessing RapidAnalytics web services from my own java application. Authentication, posting files and submitting macro values works fine so far, but only because I already know about the defined macro names and the expected file types.

So my first question is, if there a way to retrieve an interface description of a particular web service, like the  macro names or expected file types (csv, xls, ...)?

Second question is, if I can also retrieve a list of all (self defined) web services from RapidAnalytics?

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    As you are accessing RapidAnalytics webservices from your own application, please be aware that RapidAnalytics Community Edition is licensed under the AGPL 3. This means that your application has to be licensed under the AGPL 3 as well. If that is not possible/desirable, please contact us to get an Enterprise license.

    On to your questions:
    1) No, I'm afraid not.
    2) Again, I'm afraid that's not possible.

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