How to tell Rapidminer to predict 1 or 0 no other number

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I have some time series analysis that i am working on. The attribute that I want to predict is either  going to be 1 or 0 but when i do the out sample prediction instead of getting 1 or 0 i get random number like 2645 or -1540. what is happening?? and also how can i correct this issue. Thank you


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    This probably means that either your prediction model does not work well on your data and you have to optimize it or choose a different algorithm, or you try to apply the model to a different data set (or you apply a different preprocessing than during training).

    In any case, if you want to predict only to values, you should try to convert the learning problem from a regression (continuous values as output) to a classification (output categories like "0" and "1"). To do so you can apply the Numerical to Polynominal operator on your label. That converts the numbers in your label (0 and 1) to the respective strings "0" and "1"), such that RapidMiner interprets them as categories.

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