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hey all,

I'm trying to generate a table containing a pivot.

the input data is the gender result file,
it contains data attributes in a sparse format

- here is the header:
avgOfProb, countOfProb, sumofprob, id, piv, label

where possible values for piv is: "M", "F", "Other"

which means that for each uuid, i have values of avgOfProb, countOfProb, sumofprob for each possible "piv" value.
i need to generate an example set containing these colomns:

id,ย  label
M_avgOfProb, M_countOfProb, M_sumofprob,
F_avgOfProb, F_countOfProb, F_sumofprob,
Other_avgOfProb, Other_countOfProb, Other_sumofprob,

but when using the Pivot element, all I get is the last 9 coloumns.

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