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I am getting the following error message when I try to create a Tableau data extract file (.tde)..."Could not initialize class con.tableausoftware.DataExtract Collation...

RapidMiner Tableau Data Extract Error Message.PNGRapidMiner Tableau Data Extract Issue - RM ARIMA Process.PNG


I am currently using the free community versions of RapidMiner Studio and Tableau.




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    This could be related to a versioning issue. The Loop operator is white, which leads me to believe that it's an older process opened up in the a newer version of RM. 


    Normally this should not be an issue but the Tableau Extension has undergone some extensive rewrite and it could be throwing it off. Either that or it's the warnings from the Append operators. 


    Double check the versions on the Tableau extension, RM Studio, and the operators. Make sure they're all the same first and then try a breakpoint right before the Tableau operator to see how the day looks before the attempt is made to write is as a TDE file.

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    Dear Thomas,

    It seems I have the same issue. Just started to experiment with two extensions.

    The table extraction from a webpage work sperfectly, but the Tableau write fails.

    RM 8.0 / Tableau 10.5 / Java is up to date too.

    All fresh and crispy.

    Any suggestion?







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    Lucky I saw this @benicsakp. The best way to get my attention is to use @Thomas_Ott.


    No, I have no idea what's wrong. Maybe reach out to @sgnezer and see if he knows what's going on. The Tableau operator is such a PITA sometimes. I would drop Tableau and go with QLIK, but that's me.

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    haha I actually have zero experience with Tableau or Qlik. cc'ing @bhupendra_patil @yyhuang in hopes they may have ideas.





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    In order for the "Write Tableau Extract" operator to work, you have to install the Tablau extract SDK for Java, which is also commonly used to programmatically generate extracts (using either Python, Java, or C++, etc.). 


    Tableau released a new version of this SDK (version 2.0) because Tableau 10.5 uses a new extract format that generates .hyper files, not .tde files.


    benicsakp : you mentioned that you are using Tableau 10.5 - so this suggests that you may have downloaded the newest version of the Extract SDK from the Tableau web site - which the "Write Tableau Extract" operator has a dependency on. 


    However, the Write Tableau Extract operator (which came along with RMStudio 7.2) very likely will not work with the latest version of the Tableau Extrack SDK.  My suggestion would be to uninstall the Tableau Extract SDK on your system, and replace it with a 1.x version of the SDK, which the "Write Tableau Extract" operator was targeted to work with.  


    Also worth a read: https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/api/sdk/en-us/help.htm#SDK/tableau_sdk_installing.htm%3FTocPath%3D_____3

    where there is a discussion of requirements and dependencies related to the Tableau Extract API. 


    See if you can find a file named "tde-api-c-java-64bit.zip" which is a version 1.x version of the API.  The size of this file is 13,057 kb.  This version of the API writes .tde files, the latest version of the API (2.0) writes .hyper files.


    I'm assuming you read and followed the instructions for installing the "Write Tableau Extract" operator into RM Studio, so my guess is that you installed version 2 of the Tableau Extract API on your system, but the "Write Tablau Operator" operator was written to work with version 1.x of the Tableau Extract API.


    Hope this helps, and best wishes,


    Michael Martin

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