Predict chances of a player being voted best player

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Hi I am totally new and not sure if this is possible. I have 500 past results of a game where I want to see if I can work out what were the chances of a player being voted best player. There are 4 statistical fields and a winning margin. The best player is voted by the other players and in case of a tie there's no best player awarded. I also would like to see which of the 5 stat fields is the most important. Am i on the right track with this software? I have attached the data.




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    I'm on my iPhone so I can't pull up the data. From what you describe it sounds liklike trying to predict th spread or margin? This can be done and there are a few research papers out there.
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    Not at all. Not sure what spread is but the winning margin is supplied. I want to predict what chances each player has of being voted as the best player and which stat type has the strongest correlation. for eg: if stat2 = 10 then 50% chance of being the best player. Ideally the best resut I'm looking for is a % next to each player being the best and what %chance of no player being selected due to a tie.

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