"Visualizing Predicted Label by a Binary Classifier"

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I am completely new to Rapid-miner & this forum.

I want to do a binary classification on some text  documents. I used WV Text Plugin for creating the document vector.

I created the following operator chain (using GUI)


Now I want to see the predicted class label for each test documents? Is that possible?

Waiting for an early reply...


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    Hello and welcome to RapidMiner

    If you click twice on an operator in the tree you are enabling the "Breakpoint after" - option. As an alternative you can right click and select one the breakpoint options. Now the process stops at this breakpoint everytime it executes the related operator (and can be resumed using the option in the head task bar).

    By setting e.g. "Breakpoint After"  in ModelApplier you can view all the predictions. As an alternative in this special case you could use the operator XVPrediction.



  • D_MD_M Member Posts: 15 Maven
    I am using XVPrediction.

    Thanks Steffen for your prompt reply.
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