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Hi, I'm trying to create database connection to snowflake from rapidminer server, but keep failing it in rapidminer server installing step. I uploaded jdbc jar file, entered all the field required, but not sure what I should select from database system option bar. We don't think snowflake is none of mysql/mssql/.. Is there any other way that I can setup the connection? or any suggestion? Thanks!



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    Are you trying to install a server the server with SnowflakeDB as the backend database? This is absolutely not recommended.


    1. Server has been tested with a range of database systems. These are the supported options, so they are in the selection box in the installer.

    2. The performance (low latency) of the backend database is crucial for the RM Server. If your database is in the cloud, simple physics (packet roundtrip times) keep you from ever getting a good performance. 

    3. SnowflakeDB is positioned as an analytic/data warehouse database, not an operational one. The RM Server database should be a general-use one. Analytic databases are optimized for complex queries and joins on large tables. RM Server works differently: it makes many small queries.  


    Just install a local PostgreSQL on your server. 



    What I'm seeing in the Snowflake DB documentation, it doesn't support CREATE INDEX. The second the RM Server tries to create an index for fast access to a table like in standard SQL databases, it will fail. 


    This is not about connecting to the Snowflake DB and using data from it. That should work without problems. But don't use this kind of special-purpose database as the Server backend, it won't work.




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    Please keep in mind, RapidMiner can connect to Snowflake as a data source.

    For backend database, it is not compatible, but as a datasource it will work out well


    You should follow this documentation for teradata, but replace with relevant snowflake details for setting up JDBC connection to Snowflake

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