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Hello, i am a Newbie and work with rapid miner for education. No i have a question where i need help:

I have to textmining twitter by a special keyword. It works easy. But now i want to select only the user, which post more than 3 tweets in the selection. So how i have to build in a querry <3 or similar? And how can i sort them in the result from most tweets to only one tweet?

I try some different solution but i did not find a answer...


Best regards and many thanks

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    Hi @a_trunk


    The easiest way to do it is to use aggregation. 

    For example, let's assume you have a very simple dataset format, "USER | TWEET" (one column is username and second a tweet text). 

    So, you can use Aggregate operator then, in parameters choose 'group by attributes' = 'user' and 'aggregation attributes' = 'count(tweet)'.

    This way you will get a list of users each with a total number of their tweets.


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    Yes perfect! Works... Many thanks :-)

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    i have one question / problem more: I count the quantities of tweets from an user, but how can i build a sum of the quantities of the tweets and a retweets? I will analyse a user which made the most tweets and also the quantities of the retweets of the users post?

    Thanks for help.


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