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Hi, I have used a dataset to develop certain association rules (using the association rules operator). Now when I am using the "apply association" operator, (with the same dataset as input for the Example Set) I am unable to understand the chart that is displayed in the output. It is showing a scatter plot and on hovering over each plotted point it is showing details like (Buying Napkins, 0.051, 0.981). This is for a specific point, the values as in "Buying Napkins" and the other two numbers are different for the different plotted points. I understand here "Buying Napkins" is the rule but I am unable to understand what the next two numbers (0.051, 0.981) mean.


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    hello @thakurna I'm sorry no one has chimed in on this! Some quick requests so we can help you:

    • Post your XML process here in this thread (see this post for instructions on How to Post on the Community)
    • Attach your dataset if possible (use a fictionalized version if there are privacy concerns)
    • Make sure you have all necessary extensions installed (see https://youtu.be/pjBqG3xtXx4)


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