data files for "consuming REST APIs and Text Mining with RapidMiner" Use case webinar

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Hi new user (first post), 


Really enjoying Scott's Text Mining use case webinar as it is very close to my own first project use case. I downloaded the processes via the link provided and am working through the use case. 


I'm on process 003 and find I'm missing several data files referenced but not in the zip file:

- ../data/message classification training set

- stopword list Drift HTML and Font.txt

- stopwords drift sentiment.txt

- etc.


I looked in the new Community Repository (great idea!), seems like these files(if available) could find a happy home in the Community Webinar Materials section - no? 


Anyway - THANKS to Scott for this not trivial example (at least for me) of text mining! It is really helping me learn how to get some traction in RapidMiner to I can start on my text mining project!





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    Hello Steve,


    Welcome to the community! We are glad to have you here. This question is for @sgenzer, I think. Pinging him for you :)


    All the best,


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    hi @sleclair - yes agreed very warm welcome to the community. And I apologize - strangely enough my own webinar materials are not on the new community repo. :( That will be remedied very soon and I will post here when it's done.


    Thanks for the feedback and happy RapidMining!




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