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Hi, everybody.

I am looking for a way for "multiple label regression"

For example, there are two labels,

concentration(real attribute), type(nominal attribute)

and several independent attributes

So I want to predict concentration and type, given independent attributes

using Neural Network or Deep Learning or Regression or else.

What is the best strategy doing this using RapidMiner?

(But, I found RapidMiner cannot assign two or more labels to example sets)

I am a beginner of RapidMiner, so please help me with this difficult problem.

Thank you and have a nice weekend.


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    Hello, Telcontar120.

    Thank you for you comment.

    I don't have experience with two labels setting, so I cannot figure what that means at this moment.

    But I will follow your guidance.

    Thank you and Have a nice weekend, Telcontar120.

    See you later.

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    There is an operator called "Set Role" that you can use to change the role.  So you simply use that operator and make your first target variable your label (e.g., concentration), and then use RapidMiner to build a predictive model for it.  Then you use Set Role again, change the label to the other target variable (type), and then build another model.  Then you have two predictive models, one for each of the attributes you want to predict.
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    morphismmorphism Member Posts: 18 Learner I
    Thank you.~
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    morphismmorphism Member Posts: 18 Learner I

    Thank you, rfuentealba.

    I will send you email if it is hard to build processes as you teach me

    See you soon and have a nice day!

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