Why did I oly got 100 rows when importing my data

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I have used Rapidminer last year (in our school), and there are no limitations with the rows when I import the data. Today, I have used Rapidminer again, but when I import the data, only 100 rows are available or have read. I am using the 30-day free trial, by the way. I am asking for your help, on what to do about this.


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    Hello @Summer

    How many rows of data are you having? There is no 100 row limit in any license as I know. There is a 10000-row limit that too after the first 30 days of free trial is over. 

    Are you sure that only 100 rows are imported? or it might display only 100 rows but it will import all of the data. This to minimize load. Even for me in this window it shows 100 but it will import all. You can see the data stats once imported by double-clicking the data.


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    This is just the preview of the data to be imported, which is limited to save memory.  If you actually run the process and complete the import then all the data will appear.
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