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I have performed an experiment using auto model on two different versions i.e. RapidMiner Studio 9.0.003 and 9.3.001. My input data, task, target, and features were exactly the same. I ran the auto model process with keeping the default settings, however, I got a different set of results. For instance, Naïve Base Accuracy and AUC values on version 9.0.003 were 40% and 0.836 respectively, while on the version 9.1.003 they were 64% and 0.535. 
It will be helpful to get the possible reasons of such discrepancies.

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    If you want your results to be perfectly reproducible, you also need to set the local random seed (any number will do) because this will remove any potential impact from quasi-random process steps such as training and testing splits in cross-validation, etc.

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