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Hi. I'm currently doing my Final Year Project and the proposed system is to predict the geographical area of students using exisiting student's data. I will upload the data into MySql, then connect the database to RapidMiner to import the table. The google map will be created in RapidMiner alike in the youtube video title "Google Maps Integration on RapidMiner".

Could you please assist me how to show this google map which is in the RapidMiner to my php webpage?


  • jwpfaujwpfau Employee, Member Posts: 270 RM Engineering
    Hi Rajes,

    the easiest solution would be to include it as an iframe.
    You could also create a json web service and use this as the source for your map.

  • RajesRajes Member Posts: 3 Learner I
    But the system that I'm going to developed will be using prediction analysis technique. So is there any videos that I could refer where the system will analyze the uploaded data and will predict based on the rule based. The prediction will be shown on the map. 
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    Hi  @Rajes you can also expose it as HTML and use the url of your Web Service to implement a curl example
    call for your ws.
    You can also call the WebService as a Ajax. 
    Depending on what your are planning to do you may need to set parameters on the WS to return your prediction.

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    For the prediction part, is there any video to refer? I will be uploading the students data in the system and the system should predict as (if student_programme==A, else student_city=B).

    Can I personal chat? It will be easy I guess
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