How to access to membership probablity?

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I'm using Rapidminer 7.1.1. I have some reviews and want to do clustering using k-means, I need to have access to membership probability of each review. Is there any parameter in k-means clustering operator? Is this possible at all?


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    Unfortunately you use very old version of RM, so it is very difficult to answer you according to version 7.1.1. 

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    i think one way of doing it would be to take the centroids of kmeans (Extract Cluster Prototypes) and then do crossdistance to your table. This gives you the distances of each point to each cluster. From there you need to think about normalization of this.

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    farzanefarzane Member Posts: 6 Learner I
    In other new versions, Can I easily get membership probabilities?
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    farzanefarzane Member Posts: 6 Learner I
    Hi, thank you for your answer.
    how about fuzzy c-means? can this method give me membership probabilities? 

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