How can I insert alphabetic labels?

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this is my first question in RapidMiner Community. I am in a beginner level on the knowledges.

For my thesis, I need to represent in 3D graphs various point (you can see images), and I do not success to insert alphanumeric attributes such as labels.

Practically, from "Plot style" section, when I go to show label, they appear only numbers like labels, for each point. It is possible to change the Label value format to change axis value visualization, but it is not possible to select literary labels.
I have opened an excel file where there are two columns which have not numbers: for each cell, I have a column that describes the type of material (es.NbV3), and the other one describes the family of compound (es. A-15).
These appear such as polynomial, in data section.

Hence, how do I to insert type material or compound family like labels, instead of axis values?
I want to have the name of material (or its family) for each point, and I do not want the coordinate value.

Thank you so much for you attention :)  


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    I don't think it is possible to substitute values for alphabetical labels in this kind of plot, but @mschmitz might be able to confirm this definitively.
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