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Cannot connect to AI Hub repository

YaraYara Member Posts: 3 Learner I
edited December 2020 in Help
I am trying to run a process using the Rapidminer AI Hub with AWS.
However, when trying to connect to the instance's port with my browser using the public IP this does not work. I have used several ports (ports configured are 80, 8080, 1081, 22, 443). The page keeps loading and eventually gives a 'bad gateway 502 or 504' or it says 'safari can't open the page because safari can't establish a secure connection'. Does anyone know what this could be? 

I am quite new to rapidminer and have not used the Rapidminer AI Hub before. 


  • YaraYara Member Posts: 3 Learner I
    edited December 2020
    I can access the instance now using the IP, and I have copied my license into both the 'projects and repositories' and the 'docker configuration'. However, when trying to connect to the AI Hub Repository from Rapidminer Studio, I am not able to successfully connect to the repository. Rapidminer says that I need to check the box 'Rapidminer AI Hub / Enterprise login'. When I do so, a tab (page) is loaded with the follow issue (see attached image). When I click on 'back to application', I can login to the AI Hub. However, nothing happens? Rapidminer keeps on checking the connection status (if my login is correct) and if I close the tab, Rapidminer says connection failed with the following error:

    Error. Please revise your AI hub settings.

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