How to i use optimal K in applying the model when i’m supposed to classify a market category?

ko2579ko2579 Member Posts: 1 Newbie
I’m supposed to split the dataset into 70% training and 30% test datasets. Apply the k-Nearest Neighbor algorithm using the optimal k. Interpret the results. Discuss the
performance of the predictive-type or classification-type learning. 

I tried using KNN clustering but i just ended up analysing the financial ratios. Please help🙏


  • rjones13rjones13 Member Posts: 154 Unicorn
    Hi @ko2579,

    Just to take each part of your question:
    • You can split your data into a training/test split using either Split Data or Split Validation
    • Make sure you use Set Role to set the correct variable to be your label
    • To find the optimal k value, you could manually change the k value, or use the X Means operator which will do this for you. See this thread here:
    Hope this helps.

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