Web crawling of https pages - not working by using

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Hey everbody of the community :-)

I have just started to use RapidMiner and now I would like to crawl the www by using the web crawling process in RapidMiner 9.2

Unfortunately I do not get any results.


I have tried it by crawling the URL https:xxxx ( I am not allowed yet, to include links yet, got an error message even posting here in the community) the URL can be found in the attachment.

Did I do any input in a wrong way or are there missing input value's?


In some user communities I found out, that the web crawler in RapidMiner is not working for https URL's, is that correct?

Is there any work around available?


Thanks a lot for your kind support in advance. I am really eager to learn the usage of RapidMiner and I am curious to find results.

Tanja @Move_on2



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